The word "nuptials" always sounded dirty to me...

Back in April, I had the great pleasure of shooting the wedding of Mr and Mrs Phelps.   Congratulations Adam and Michele!  Big thanks to everyone that was a big help that day, especially Heather (for the lens and overall photo/wedding wisdom, you were more help than you know). Here are some of my favorites...

A BIG thank YOU the to the happy couple for letting me be a part of your special day...you are and will always be like family to me.


As I am writing this the Cubs just blew the game in the bottom of the ninth against the Brewers.  I have grown to hate the Brewers over the years, almost as much as I hate the Cardinals.  Not quite there yet, but close.  Come on Cubbies, you're a better team than that!  Ok, sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

  Haven't posted here in a while so I just needed something to get the ball rolling here again.  Thought I would put up some photos of stuff I have been working on and ramble on about some things.

Downloaded the new LCD, get it NOW! Listening to it right now.  Supposedly its gonna be their last album (?) Not sure if I believe that. Wait till Insound has it on it vinyl though. (or your local hipster-hangout-I-know-more-about-music-than-you-dickhead-employing record store).

  Taking Digital Photo II this semester.  Learning alot about the printing process.  It can be a little intimidating when you start throwing around terms like ICC Profiles, color gamut and what-have-you.  But I learned alot and feel alot more confident when making my final prints.  Now if I can just get the printers to cooperate.

Working on a project I have titled the "The Blvd".  The work as a whole focuses on the people and places along Astoria Boulevard in Queens.  As I have taken the Q19 bus to from work,  I became interested in the collection and hodge podge of people, and places that seem to speak to me as if they were a link to my past, that reside along and around my route. Thought I would post a few.

For the requirements of my class, I had to fulfill nine assignments, each focusing on a different process in digital photography. (by the way these jpegs suck! google compresses the hell outta photos!)

click on the photo above to see the whole panorama

click on the photo above to see the whole wide angle view